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1. Consulting

The consulting of SCENARIOS + VISION is in principle practised in a participatory team process with conclusions and recommendations developed by the consultant. What does this imply? After a first profound analysis together with the client (a private or public enterprise of any size, a region, a government agency, an association…) the methodology and the process design will be defined and approved by the client. SCENARIOS + VISION acts as responsible manager for the process, its facilitation, methodology and recommendations; the responsibility for the team composition is shared with the client.

According to the complexity of the task and the objectives of the client the project duration can vary between 3 – 4 months and 1,5 years. The projects alternate between workshops and intermediate phases for analysis, calculations, reporting and recommendations.

2. Training

The training by SCENARIOS + VISION is based on the methodological needs and concrete requirements and case studies of the client. All training modules are individually designed in order to fulfil the clients’ training objectives. A well-proven process is to run a basic training and to have one or two follow-up trainings some months later in order to evaluate and to improve the participants’ progress.

3. Coaching

The coaching of SCENARIOS + VISION is ideal for one person or a small group (the coachees). It aims at making a small group or an individual future fit in terms of methodology and content. Coaching helps also to work on attitude and behavior barriers blocking real progress and change. In this process the coachees learn a future open-minded behaviour; the aim is to find pleasure in shaping their own future.

SCENARIOS + VISION is embedded in international networks, such as Foresight Europe Network, World Future Society and others. In case of complex projects SCENARIOS + VISION can integrate further highly qualified experts from these networks.

Our experiences in this field

Since more than 30 years, SCENARIOS + VISION accompanies its clients in their mission to become sustainably successful. Our approach respects the human being and our methods enable a long-term success.