Intercultural Management

Towards a successsful cooperation

The benefits of Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management helps to understand and to accept cultural differences, to overcome intercultural problems and to create a win-win mode

The objectives of Intercultural Management

Develop sustainable solutions for intercultural problems, create mutual respect and develop win-win-strategies in corporations with various cultures. Learn how to turn cultural differences into strategic advantages. This is paramount in all Management areas, Business Development, R&D, Marketing, HR, etc. in order to gain a competitive edge as private or public enterprise or international government agency.

In a nutshell: Turn cultural diversity into a competitive edge for globally acting organizations.

The Intercultural Management Methods

The toolbox comprises various approaches each adapted to a specific intercultural challenge or problem. The common denominator of all these methods is the following approach :

  • Analyse, understand and respect the culture of each stakeholder or person concerned.
  • Learn that differences are often complementary and how they can benefit each other.
  • Adapt multicultural approaches according to the context, the cultures involved and the problem solutions needed.
  • Establish experience exchange workshops in order to make everybody improve the intercultural knowledge and agility.

Our experiences in this field

Since more than 30 years, SCENARIOS + VISION accompanies its clients in their mission to become sustainably successful. Our approach respects the human being and our methods enable a long-term success.