« For those who do not know to which harbor they want to sail, no wind will be the right one » Seneca

Anticipate future opportunities, develop an attractive vision, create the right strategies to transform your vision into concrete and palpable results, is the most important task of any leader, CEO, politician and individual aiming at sustainable success.

How to be competitive?

Our experiences – your benefit

You are coached and supported by a company specialized in scenario building, strategic foresight, strategic management, innovation and creativity with a profound multicultural, multi-sectorial and international business experience.

You develop with your management team your scenarios, your vision and your strategies, your innovation, facilitated by SCENARIOS+VISION, its methodology, experiences, procedures and recommendations.

You benefit from a practical help in the implementation and change process, based on broad, profound and diverse international business experiences.


An international reputation

SCENARIOS + VISION has the unique competences to support you with foresight for your organization, your political mission, for your career and life. SCENARIOS + VISION helps you to act, and pro-act in a future-robust and sustainable way

You are the CEO of your future.

Act now and design a bright future for your organization,
your region, your country and – not to forget – for yourself.