The benefits of Foresight

What precisely can Strategic Foresight offer?

Foresight helps you to gain a competitive edge as private or public enterprise, as government agency or as an individual. With Foresight methods you develop today robust strategies for tomorrow which make you a winner in future markets and environments.

The objectives of Foresight

Anticipate the changes in your professional, economic, technical, social environment etc. in order to design strategies inspired by future challenges and already targeted to tomorrow’s needs. In a nutshell: Anticipate today in order to succeed tomorrow.

The Foresight methods

Foresight comprises various groups of methods, such as: futures exploring methods (mainly scenario planning), creativity and innovation methods, analytic and systemic methods. We also differentiate Foresight (exploring future possibilities) and Strategic Foresight (exploring future possibilities, developing successful strategies for these futures and the implementation of these strategies). SCENARIOS + VISION applies mainly the methods of Strategic Foresight thus responding exactly to the requirements of the decision makers in the public and private sectors.

Interested in Foresight

Our experiences in this field

Since more than 30 years, SCENARIOS + VISION accompanies its clients in their mission to become sustainably successful. Our approach respects the human being and our methods enable a long-term success.