Innovation and Creativity

Keep a competitive edge thanks to innovation

The benefits of Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Methods

Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Methods help to overcome so-called unstructured problems (unstructured problem: there does not exist a structured and well-proven formula such as in mathematics). These unstructured problems require unusual, creative, but also efficient procedures. Therefore a variety of methods exists, tailor-made for the various problem types.

The objectives of Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Methods

Develop sustainable solutions for unusual and unstructured problems in all Management areas, Business Development, R&D, Marketing, HR, etc. in order to create synergy effects as private or public enterprise or government agency. In a nutshell: Innovative and efficient solutions for problems critical to success.

Try new perspectives to shape your corporate future.

The Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Methods

The toolbox comprises at least 50 different approaches each adapted to a specific creativity/innovation challenge or problem. The common denominator of all these methods is the following approach:

  • In-depth analysis of the problem/ or situation.
  • Selection of the best suitable creativity or problem solving method according to the nature of the problem and definition of the criteria the solution should fulfill.
  • Application of the selected creativity or problem solving methods.
  • Evaluation of the results according to the criteria.
  • Selection of the solution matching best the criteria.

Our experiences in this field

Since more than 30 years, SCENARIOS + VISION accompanies its clients in their mission to become sustainably successful. Our approach respects the human being and our methods enable a long-term success.