Change Management

Towards the realization of your future change projects

The benefits of Change Management

Change Management helps you to put into action any previous Foresight, Strategic Planning, Innovation, Intercultural Management project by implicating the persons concerned.

Change management is the logic consequence of all innovating projects. Therefore it is vital for private and public enterprises and government agencies. Only a well done Change Management process guarantees the successful implementation of any major strategic and organizational project.

Change Management enables management and staff to shape the organization according to strategic requirements, human needs and future fitness criteria.

The objectives of Change Management

Put into action the results of any major strategic and organizational change and create a sustainable success in order to cope with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

In a nutshell: Put change into a concrete, human and sustainable form.

The Change Management methods

Change management comprises various groups of methods, such as: analytic methods, implementation methods, group dynamic and psychological approaches, supervision, assessment procedures. The type of methods to be applied depends on the cases and strategic and organizational needs.

The main task of the consultant is to analyse exactly the needs of the client, to choose and to adapt the right methods needed in each particular case. A key point is to implicate the persons concerned by the change and to make them the actors of the implementation process.

SCENARIOS + VISION has profound and diversified experiences in Change Management processes, based on humanistic values.

Our experiences in this field

Since more than 30 years, SCENARIOS + VISION accompanies its clients in their mission to become sustainably successful. Our approach respects the human being and our methods enable a long-term success.