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Strategic Foresight

Foresight is a rational, holistic, creative approach helping an organization today to prepare for tomorrow. Foresight is not a methodology predicting the future but an approach developing possible scenarios based on present information and analysis and future assumptions in alternatives based on creativity.

The task of a foresight expert or futurist is to facilitate a group of experts/decision makers to imagine possible futures and to create a sustainable and motivating vision, and a synthesis of the results, thus helping to make better strategic decisions.

Foresight is an innovative approach, opening horizons in order to imagine future changes. These futures inspire strategies based on future challenges and integrate the actors and stakeholders concerned.

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Scenario Planning

This method is based on a profound analysis of the present internal and external factors of an organization / a region etc. and on the exploration of possible alternative futures of their environment. It is important to develop consistent scenarios, but different/contrasting among them in order to cover the fields of future possibilities. Scenario Planning or Scenario Method or Scenario Techniques is one of the most powerful tools of Foresight; it anticipates important future changes in alternatives and inspires decision makers to develop robust and future fit strategies.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a process to develop strategies achieving a defined objective in the future. Strategic Planning is very often a long-term planning process projecting actual activities into the future, describing their results in their corporate environment. Strategic planning aims at influencing the external world, mainly the markets.

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Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy, since the basic work of Michael Porter, also called Strategic Management, provides the overall direction of an enterprise and the methodological framework, comprising organizational objectives, strategies, policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives. The models developed for Strategic Management assist in better strategic decision making in the context of complex and competitive environments.


Innovation in a corporation aims at creating something new (either a product, a service, a process etc.) Innovation is mainly being developed by the R&D department or by Strategic Management, Marketing, Production, Logistics, HR. Innovation requires an entrepreneurial process in order to market the concrete results and to make it a success on the markets.

In the individual case, innovation means to break with traditional attitudes and behavior, to try something for the first time and being the first to do it in a new manner.

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Creativity is an intellectual and imaginary process of an individual or of a group producing new ideas and new concepts. Creativity means often to combine aspects of very different and far away areas in order to create something completely new. In the corporate world creativity is a means to an end, in order to create a real innovation.

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Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management aims at analyzing and understanding the risks of conflicts, the cultural misunderstandings and the mechanisms enabling a better mutual understanding and cooperation between different cultures. Intercultural management helps to solve those problems and to create win-win-solutions.

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Change Management

Change Management helps to realize the transformation process of an organization of any type after a Foresight Process, a Strategic Planning process, an Innovation process. In order to succeed such a change it is paramount to implicate the people concerned by this process and to implicate them in the fine tuning of the changes.

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